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Social sentiment data has been available exclusively to specialist funds, quant funds, and banks for the past decade. ChatterQuant aims to provide real-time data to match, for retail traders.

Insider & Analyst Data

Real-time Social Monitoring

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Trailblazing Retail Access to Social Media Monitoring

Get the updates while they matter with our real-time Trends tool. With trends you will always know what stocks are trending and why with our social sentiment scored easily visualized UI. This tool uses our proprietary artificial intelligence natural language processor to sift through hundreds of thousands of Tweets and social media posts a day to provide you the most relevant actionable stock sentiment data possible.

Daily Opportunities

Every week several stocks and crypto currencies make significant moves based on social media activity ranging anywhere from a few percent to thousands of percentage points. These opportunities can be identified and alerted through ChatterQuants proprietary Trends and alerts program.

Catch the Trends

Looking for the next: Gamestop, AMC, Dogecoin, Moderna or Tesla before it memes? We’ll help you find it.

Monitor changes in sentiment in real-time.

Find out when the enthusiam starts and when it dies out with our constant monitoring of upvotes, likes, and impressions to give you the most actionable data possible.

ChatterQuant Alerts

A low-latency alert notification tool built for speed to give traders a leg up in an incredibly competitive environment, featuring real-time social media and options flow scanning from several sources.

Built For Speed

  • Scanning Twitter and Reddit in real-time
  • One of the lowest latency compilers and distributiors to the retail traders
  • Combination of sentiment and fundamental data to give you proprietary alerts found nowhere else.
  • Lightning fast analysis for trend identification

Unusual Order Flow Monitoring

  • Unusual Order flow Volume lets smart money do your DD and follow the flow of the biggest traders and institutions with actionable order flow monitoring and alerts
  • Receive real-time push notifications onto your desktop or mobile device.
  • Only follow the stocks you want on or take in the whole flow!

Social Stock & Crypto Monitoring

  • Unusual Discussion Volume allows you to Get alerted of unusual discussion volume around followed stocks
  • Receive real-time push notifications onto your desktop or mobile device
  • Never miss the news on your followed stocks
  • Combination fundamental and social stock data alerts.

Fully Customizable

ChatterQuant Alerts has customization features to fit every social traders needs.

  • Alert Scheduling to select what hours you want to receive alerts
  • Track stocks based on all-trading styles
  • Personalize your followed assets and stocks
  • Set your alert preferences to only catch the most trending stocks

Data Partners and Providers



EOD Historical Data

Financial Modeling Prep

IEX Cloud

Option Waves


TradesViz Journaling

ChatterQuant Plans

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  • Top-tier Education
  • Access to Reddit Data
  • Limited stock monitoring
  • Limited site access

ChatterQuant Pro

$50 35/mo

  • Real-time Data
  • Reddit, Twitter, News, Options Flow, Stock & Crypto monitoring
  • Real-time Stock Sentiment, Crypto and flow alerts
  • Full Website Access and Customized Search