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Social sentiment has become incredibly important in influencing market prices in the last few years. Most traders are familiar with the $GME (Gamestop) and $AMC phenomenae that caused increases in stock prices by thousands of percentage points just based off of social media volume. Gamestop and AMC are not alone. Nearly everyday there are stocks making significant gains based on their social media activity. ChatterQuant was created to give users actionable data that allows them to potentially take advantage of these gains.

ChatterQuant uses cutting edge and well established techniques to power our lightning fast sentiment engine, providing almost instantaneous and exceptionally accurate sentiment analysis.

Yes, we have heavily discounted the pricing on our platform in order to beta-test our features and ensure we are able to get ChatterQuant into as many hands as possible. Anybody who takes advantage of our discounted pricing will maintain their discount for the lifetime of the account.

ChatterQuant aims to provide transparent actionable hedge-fund level data to the average retail investor. This level of data is expensive and our prices are set to allow the ChatterQuant team to pay for access to this data, server costs, maintenance and further development so that we can offer the most accurate actionable data possible to our end-users.

The ChatterQuant team is constantly working to expand our product offerings and currently do not take salaries for ourselves. All of our earnings are being put back into developing new tools and expanding our access to data.

Chatter Quant Pro Features:
Social Media Data:

  • Twitter one hour, 6 hour, and 24 hour discussion volume charts
  • Reddit one hour, 6 hour, and 24 hour discussion volume charts
  • Reddit Upvote volume per ticker
  • Twitter Favorites weighted by follower count
  • Unlimited Social Media Alerts
  • Latest Social Media Due Dilligence Posts
  • Most popular stocks on social media sorted by sector
  • Total Social Media Market Sentiment
  • Plot your favorite influencers tweets on a graph
  • Crypto Social Media Trends "coming soon"


  • Options Flow alerts "Coming Soon"
  • Options Flow Data "Coming Soon"
  • Unlimited Fundamental Alerts
  • After-hours and Futures Data
  • Crypto Fundamentals "coming soon"
  • Real-time News

ChatterQuant Free:

  • Fundamental Data
  • 24 hour Reddit discussion volume charts
  • 1 free alert sign-up
  • After-hours and Futures Data
  • Total Social Media Market Sentiment
  • Social Media Stock of the day

Yes. All of our social data and most of our fundamental data is minute level.

We do! Members and affiliates of the ChatterQuant team constantly use the ChatterQuant software in our own trades. We at ChatterQuant aim to democratize access to products and data that is available to hedgefunds and institutions but has been unavailable to retail traders.

Trends breaks down what is happening on social media to allow you to monitor social sentiment like never before! Our data is collected and aggregated every minute, ensuring that you never miss what is happening!

We are currently monitoring hundreds of the most influential and active accounts on financial twitter to power our trends tool. We are currently in discussions with Twitter to expand to the totality of Twitter

ChatterQuant monitors all of the top financial Sub-reddits to eliminate echo-chambers and give users the clearest snapshot of what is occuring in the market.

Alerts is a proprietary software created to allow you to monitor social media and other relevant data in real-time. Our alerts program is one of the only tools that combines the power of social-sentiment with other relevant data such as: news, trade volume, options flow, and more! We believe our alerts program allows you to monitor the sentiment and money flow around stocks like never possible before!

Our alerts are constantly being tweaked and updated to maintain relevance through different market conditions. We are working on enabling alerts to be self-optimizing using a proprietary machine learning algorithm.

If you run into any issues or bugs please use the live-chat on the front page or send an e-mail to

The social stock of the day is the top trending stock on social-media for a specific platform. This is recalculated daily.