Social media moves markets.
Robinhood traders alone account for 10% of market movement. 1

An ASIC survey last year found 33% of 18 to 21 year-olds followed at least one finfluencer. 2

Almost two thirds of those surveyed said they had changed some financial behaviour as a result of following a finfluencer. 2
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Your team can't manually monitor hundreds of millions of posts a day to make actionable insights.
ChatterQuant’s real-time social tracking tools are developed to give you an edge.
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For buy side.
Rumor Identification · Get insights ahead of the news with our Rumor Identification system.
API Access · Power your algorithms with our low latency data insights.
Manipulation Detection · Manage your risk with our manipulation detection dashboard.
Custom Search · Identify the social accounts that affect price action with Custom Search.
Custom Development · Request specific data insights to supplement your strategy with our bespoke development solutions.
For sell side.
Provide Social Sentiment data to your customers and users through our API.
Increase your revenue with next level client data offerings and insights.
Differentiate yourself with proprietary tools available nowhere else.
Request custom development solutions to fit you or your customer's objectives.
Increase your revenue
Business Essentials
Rumor Identification
We have all heard the adage “buy the rumor, sell the news”. But how does one identify credible rumors in an age with a universe of more than 4.62 billion social media accounts* and billions of social media posts per day.

ChatterQuant’s proprietary “Rumor Identification System” (RIS) digests and highlights unusual market buzz, in the pursuit of actionable trading information that has not yet been identified or acknowledged in traditional media outlets. RIS cross-references millions of relevant financial posts across multiple social media platforms against traditional data-sets such as: company filings, news articles, and PR announcements to identify potential rumors and opportunities at their conception.
Rumor Identification
Macro Retail Insights
Macro Retail Insights
Retail traders’ impact on markets and price action swings wildly on a monthly, weekly, and even daily basis. Anywhere between 10 and 30% of all daily trades are executed by retail traders. 4

Improve your data-driven investment decisions by staying connected to and getting alerted in real-time to sudden drops or increases in retail trader activity and measure their impact in the market with our in-house stock-specific macro-market “Retail influence scores”.

Our Macro-retail insights also allows you to generate stock specific reports containing social summaries alongside historical, real-time and predictive analysis on individual stocks or cryptocurrencies.
Manipulation Detection
Pump and dumps and stock manipulation costs institutions and investors between $3 billion and $10 billion dollars3 per year. ChatterQuant’s anti-manipulation pipeline is designed to mitigate risk by alerting asset managers, risk professionals, and government agencies of coordinated bot or group attempts to manipulate the price of securities.

Our proprietary manipulation risk score combines multiple datasets to identify real-time manipulation risk levels and threats to a user’s portfolio or potential investments. Our PnD and anti-manipulation asset universe cover cryptocurrencies, stocks, and ETF’s, allowing for broader coverage and more protection from malicious parties and black swan events.

High-frequency trading funds and day traders are also able to take advantage of the tools in our PnD manipulation detection suite to capitalize on volatility from concentrated inflows of retail trader dollars.
Manipulation Detection
Alerts and Signals
Alert and Signals
A fully customizable, low-latency alert notification tool built for speed to give traders a leg up in an incredibly competitive environment, featuring real-time social media scanning from several sources.

Identify opportunities and changes in risk with access to ChatterQuant's unique dashboard of real-time alerts to ensure you’re always on top of unusual changes in discussion and shifts in sentiment. This dynamic suite of algorithmic signals allows users to capture and identify new inflows of retail trader dollars into different asset classes.
Track the power of social media on a stocks price action with ChatterQuant’s Sentiment Charting tool. Our platform form allows for individual stock, ETF, and crypto-currency look-ups with real-time and historical data going back years.

Adjust your strategy and inform your trades with dozens of proprietary overlays and indicators developed to give you an edge.
Social Price Extraction
Most exchanges won’t release real-time data on their users’ entries, exits, stop-losses and price targets. With our proprietary price extraction tool you can easily view this type of data from multiple social media platforms, using our aggregated database of millions of posts and micro-blogs.

Easily visualize and identify anticipated support and resistance levels on the long and short side from billions of retail trader dollars with our proprietary order book.
Social Price Extraction
Discussion Convergence
Discussion Convergence
Identify when the narratives of the stocks in your portfolio change with our custom-built trend detection system. Our convergence tools allow you to identify potential upside and eliminate risks through the collective intelligence of millions of traders.

Explore a web of relevant words and discussion topics around individual stocks and cryptocurrencies, for example to find out which stocks have exposure to current events.
API Access
Integrate our proprietary data into your strategies, and perform further downstream value extraction through our API access programme. Contact us for comprehensive access to our entire universe of actionable datasets and insights.

Request bespoke development solutions built by our world-class team to meet you or your firms’ specific needs.
API Access
Custom Development
Custom Development
Save your development resources and take advantage of our custom development solutions built by our world-class team to meet you or your firms’ specific needs - including fullstack solutions.

ChatterQuant has helped several companies, traders, and firms by helping them develop fully customized solutions for their sell-side and buy-side use cases.
Regulatory Compliance and Record-Keeping – Coming Soon
Make sure that your firm and its member's communications’ stay compliant with our expansive surveillance technology. FINRA requires that all firms retain communications related to their “business as such” for no less than 3 years. ChatterQuant’s white-glove solution identifies and retains records to keep your firm compliant.
ChatterQuant’s social monitoring also allows us to identify Registered Investment Advisors who may be exposing your firm to liability by providing “false, misleading claims, exaggerated statements, and material omissions.” 5

A recent SEC report claims that in “2021 alone, 697 total enforcement actions were filed and the SEC obtained judgments and orders for nearly $2.4 billion in disgorgement and more than $1.4 billion in penalties”. 6

By only collecting financial and “business as such” related communications on social media, the privacy of employees is respected.
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1. Based off van der Beck, Philippe and Jaunin, Coralie, The Equity Market Implications of the Retail Investment Boom (January 30, 2021). Swiss Finance Institute Research Paper No. 21-12.
2. Based off Australian Securities & Investments Commission survey published "22-054MR ASIC issues information for social media influencers and licensees".
3. One study found pump-and-dump schemes cost American investors between $3 billion and $10 billion annually.
4. Based on findings announced by Joe Mecane, the head of execution services at Citadel Securities on Bloomberg.
5. As dictated by FINRA rules and guidance on social media.
6. U.S. Securities and Exchange Commision, PLI Broker/Dealer Regulation and Enforcement 2021.
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